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Istria is the world for itself.

It is guided by its own philosophy of life - celebrating the good, cherishing the marvelous, praising the brighter and sharing the exceptional. The old Romans called Terra magica – magical land and its a well-deserved name.
Down here even the soil is inviting with wonderful colours, from energizing red to the warm and placid shades of yellow. Nature is bountiful and offers the neverending cornucopia of beauty, aroma, and happiness. The istrian climate is one of the most interesting in the world; mild and friendly grants it countless sunny days and fresh winds invigorating the whole peninsula.

The great food here is not just important, it is essential. Through history, Istrians have mastered the pleasures of the palates making it worldly known as The gastronomy region. Istrian cuisine is based on always fresh ingredients, combining the best what the sea and soil can provide making Istria a star among culinary delights. The special first place on that map is surely taken by the perfect Istrian olive oil. The skill of making this wonderful liquid gold is forged for a few thousand years and it is carefully and lovingly produced by local experts. Another Istrian passion is the wine, plenty of sun, the right mixture of soil and the hardworking hands of the makers are producing exciting and voluptuous wines proud to carry the title of one of the best in the world.

Its charming and spectacular towns are telling the tales of rich history and interesting cultures that all left their traces in the past millenniums. From dinosaur tracks to the medieval castles and luxurious Venetian palaces, a keen visitor can experience the Time traveling at its own pace and rhythm, picking the best among the various eras and events. The dreamy stony towns settled on the hilltops in the north, the friendly and hidden inland villages and the amazing coastal cities are all welcoming the travelers revealing their secrets.

The active ones will discover this beautiful land through miles and miles of cycling and trekking tracks, climbing its resilient rocks, flying over the mild hills, fields, rivers, lakes and waterfalls, be amazed diving in the crystal clean sea among the fishes and sunken ships and thrilled by the rich kingdoms of the underground caves. The ones wishful for the total relaxation may choose some of the thousands of beaches and hidden coves, the peaceful walks by the sea and always green nature or maybe just pick their special place under a pine or olive tree and enjoy in a good book. The choices and endless, the desires are only yours.

Istria is the magnificent universe full of colours and sensations, waiting to be discovered, offering the pure essence of life.


This charming and placid village is settled on the suburbs of the exciting grand dame of Pula. Its superb position attracted the old Histri, an ancient tribe who ruled in this part of the region and left there a large prehistoric settlement in Vintijan. During antiquity, the area of became very famous for its quarry, Cave Romane, the white stone from which the emperor Vespasian built the amphitheater, in which today are held amazing classical concerts and plays. The nearby Soline protected forest park, lying right under Vintijan, is the fragrant Mediterranean botanical treasure chest where only birdsong and crickets disturb the peace. Don`t forget to visit the breathaking Cape Kamenjak, the famous nature park and the very tip of Istria, its miles and miles of beaches and untouched nature and experience a truely stunning sunset.


Pula amphitheatre is the largest monument dating from the first century AD and was originally designed for gladiatorial combat.

In Pula you will enjoy excellent restaurants, and on the most beautiful stage in the world, in the Arena under the stars, during the summer you can listen to some of the most famous names from the world of music.


The church of St. Euphemia is ranked among the most beautiful representations of the Baroque period in Istria and dominates the small coastal town of Rovinj. St. Euphemia is the town’s patron saint and her remains are housed in a marble sarcophagus in the church.
The church of St. Eufeija is the most striking building which dominates the whole old town core. It was built at the beginning of the 18th century and in the middle of the last century and the new front was constructed in the Baroque-Venetian style. The bell tower of St. Eufemija is 60 m high and decorated with a copper statue of the saint, which is pushed around by the power of the winds.


Standing proud on the peaks of hills rising from the fertile valley of River Mirna, the small towns of Grožnjan and Motovun are renowned for their architecture and numerous art galleries, in addition to a variety of music and film events.

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