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A word from the architect


I remember first meeting Petra and Shain on their newly gained estate in Vintijan, when the story about this captivating project started. The estate was a beautiful hillside on the top of Vintijan -  a hill on the south part of Pula with breathtaking views on the green landscape and the blue sea.

The young couple wanted a comfortable and modern home which will fit perfectly in the mild topography, relishing the stunning sights. Walking together through this wonderful piece of land we managed to define the solution in a creative conversation which will evoke the most from this wonderful location.
The whole creative process was completely wieldy, worked though immense fun. The house got the spaces which are providing comfortable and profuse experience to its users.

Two-story living room with spacious covered terraces is enabling the sheltered feeling of a cozy stay in the beauty of the scenery through the whole year. The large roof terrace is providing the hidden enjoyment in sunbathing and the look at the vast starry sky.

The whole estate is carefully designed presenting a unique architectural and landscaping story ensuring the perfect merge of enjoyable housing with cultivated horticulture and the surrounding nature.
As time goes by, I am convinced that we have achieved the so much wanted goal – the complete contentment of the users. Dean Peteh

Ecological development

The exceptional beauty of Istrian nature is highly respected in developing a beautiful estate using the purest and eco-friendly materials. This wonderful corner of the Earth is also the home of the unique approach to housing. Istrian tradition dictates the skilled and excelling development which truely appreciates the surroundings.

Used materials are the result of the ancient knowledge in superb housing and natural balance which must provide the perfect experience to its tenants. The notable Istrian stone is well-known for its endurance and purity and the wood used in this endeavor was carefully chosen to provide the coziness and warmth for a perfect home.

The wisdom of the old masters is gathered and kept alive through thousands of years and respectfully used to this very day, granting the modern tenants with the pure joy of living. The staying in such an architectural jewel provides the overwhelming feeling of content and well-being, bringing the almost forgotten pleasure of inner balance.

Istria is worldly known for its exceptional positivity and reviving qualities. Its name takes the special place in the heart and mind in every seeker of the healthy and balanced life. Not just because of the importance which the locals give to the well-being, but also for the incredible gifts Istria was granted with its unique position and the ancient beliefs to be the source of positive energy providing the so much needed serenity and peace.

Following the ancient knowledge, the villa was built on a carefully chosen position, respecting all the laws of nature and combining the best and the most cherished insights to that perfect place we call a home.

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